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What does an interior design project consist of?

An interior design project consists of the planning and design of the interior spaces of a building or living space. The main objective of an interior design project is to create a functional and aesthetic environment that meets the needs and preferences of the client.

Etna Studio has more than 15 years of experience in this field. Our task is to create a selection and combination of different elements such as furniture, lighting, colors, textures, materials, art and decoration to create a harmonious and coherent space. We use our creative and technical skills to create an attractive, comfortable and functional environment that reflects the client’s personality and fits their lifestyle.

In addition to the selection of design elements, our interior design projects include planning the layout of the space, creating detailed plans and drawings, selecting contractors and suppliers, coordinating the execution of the project, and supervising the construction and installation of the selected elements.

In short, at Etna Studio we cover a complete design and planning process that encompasses the selection of design elements, the planning of the space layout and the coordination of the project execution to create a livable and functional environment that meets the client’s needs and preferences.
What does an interior design project consist of?

A project of integral reform can have different phases and processes depending on its nature and scope, but in general the common steps in a project of integral reform can be:

  1. Identification of the need: In this phase the need for a reform is identified. It can be a request from the client or an internal initiative of the organization.
  2. Planning: A plan is prepared that includes the objectives of the project, the necessary resources, the budget and the execution schedule. The work team is also designated and the roles and responsibilities of each member are established.
  3. Feasibility analysis: A feasibility analysis of the project is carried out to determine whether it is possible to carry it out within the budget and timeframe, and whether the final result justifies the investment.
  4. Design: In this phase the detailed design of the renovation is developed, including the plans and technical specifications necessary to carry out the work.
  5. Budget and financing: The final budget for the project is defined, including the costs of materials, labor and other associated expenses. The financing required to carry out the project is established.
  6. Supplier contracting: Suppliers are identified and the necessary contracts are negotiated to carry out the project.
  1. Execution: The work is carried out according to plan and progress is monitored to ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met.
  2. Testing and Verification: Tests and verifications are carried out to ensure that the work has been performed in accordance with specifications and complies with applicable standards and regulations.
  3. Handover: Once the renovation is completed, the project is handed over to the client and final acceptance is carried out.
  4. Follow-up and maintenance: The necessary procedures are established to follow up the project and ensure that the work performed remains in good condition in the long term.

In Etna Studio we promote timeless design and decoration. One that does not follow passing fashion trends and instead focuses on creating a space that is elegant, harmonious and functional in the long run. The goal of timeless interior design is to create a space that does not need to be changed or updated every time trends change.

To achieve a timeless interior design, we use a neutral color palette and avoid flashy and bright colors. Materials and textures are also carefully selected to be durable and of high quality, which helps the space look elegant and sophisticated no matter the era.

The furnishings selected from among our signatures are classic and elegant, with clean, simple lines and a focus on comfort and functionality. Art and décor pieces are also carefully selected to be timeless and add personality to the space without overwhelming it.

In short, Etna Studio seeks to create spaces that look elegant and sophisticated, but also functional and comfortable in the long run, avoiding passing fashion trends and focusing on using high quality elements and classic designs to create a space that will never go out of style.


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